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From Rick <>
Subject New to Camel and also needing to come up to speed on Java again
Date Sun, 22 Jun 2014 08:17:55 GMT
It's been a number of years since I have coded in Java and find myself in a
position where Camel seems to be the answer to the replacement of a service
we have so I am looking for some guidance .

I have coded up some basic work following number of the great examples here
on the site but I have a block when it comes to deciding how to move to the
next section of my research .

The two problems I have are 
1) take a file for a location on the network, open it using camel ( which I
have managed to do thanks to this site using jamb to unmarshal the XML ) and
then, using some predefined web services which I have in my project transmit
the contents to an SMS recipient defined in the file. What I am missing
somehow here is how i access the information in the unmarshalled XML object
and instantiate an object to do the sending.

2) create a route that listens on an email port and using the incoming
message transmit the content of the email via SMS. I have not started  on
this one yet as I figured I would cut my teeth on the other one first. Email
is pop3 at the omens but we use MS Exchange at the office and I wondered if
anyone had any experience of integrating this and could give some pointers /
tips / hints.

I am using Netbeans 7.4 as that is the IDE I last used in anger when I coded

Look forward to the responses but be gentle !


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