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From <>
Subject RE: Can How Apache CAMEL help in this enterprise integration usecase?
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2014 23:37:05 GMT

1. You can use processor which will enable you to handle message thru OrderService. [
2. You can post to new routes based on the contents.
4. Contents of the body irrespective of the type of channel is available for processing as
a ${in.body}. Type converters enable you to process the content in whatever format you like.
If your format does not exist you can create your own type converter. [

Your email has lots of questions. If you can be more specific with samples, it is easier for
others to answer in specifics.

Hope this helps.


From: scottmiles []
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2014 11:03 PM
Subject: Can How Apache CAMEL help in this enterprise integration usecase?

My application needs to work as middleware where it has got orders(in form of
xml) from various customers which contains the
supplier id where custmers can send the xml to one of these components

    1)JMS queue
    2)File system
    4)Web service request(rest/soap)

Once it get the order, it needs to send order request to different suppliers
in the form of xml.Somehow i spotted and looks like
its provides the perfect solution.
Though i couple of questions. Here they are:-

1) At the link in Figure 3, How can I introduce my OrderService in between
output of marshalling(which is POJO here)  and order queue
 output of marshalling -----------> OrderService(instead of order

2) If i need to convert the POJO to  xml and send the  xml output from
orderService to different third part vendor
where vendor information is stored in db which i can fetch based on item id
. Can i specify the endpoints at exit also
as defined at entry point in example at link

3)If i need to send the acknowledgement to clients (information where lies
is contained in the order). looks like this i need to
handle myself. If thats the case i am fine with it

But i am sure CAMEL must have readymade solution for point 1 and 2. I am new
to CAMEL.  Please advice ?
I found Spring integration is equally good.But looks like CAMEL is more
widely used and evolving at high speed , so think of going ahead with it.

4) This point is to understand CAMEL in better way. So when file request is
coming thru http, CAMEL is putting file object on jms queue but while
normalizing , it converting file object to String with
element convertBodyTo. Right? What if incoming http request in not file
request but simple name value pair, what CAMEL will write on queue?

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