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From Phil Mocek <>
Subject Re: Is RAW() required in message endpoint URI with percent-endcoded special characters?
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2014 17:36:18 GMT
Claus Ibsen wrote:
> You can configure endpoints in many ways in Camel.

Understood.  To indicate that I was aware of that and that I had
consulted the relevant documentation prior to posing my question
on the list, I cited the Camel docs in my original post, providing
URIs of the relevant pages and sections.  Maybe you missed those.

> And when you [use URI syntax directly in your routes] then care
> should be taken when using special characters like + and % signs
> etc.

I have found no documentation of what characters Camel considers
special.  Where can I read the definition of "special characters"
as it pertains to Camel?

As I referenced in my posts, I am aware of the IETF specification
for URIs (IETF STD 66), and I know that it requires one to
[percent-escape][1] any characters [designated as reserved in that
spec][2], such as '+'.  I have twice in this thread provided not
only narrative of my having done so, but examples of URIs
containing information with reserved characters that I
percent-encoded before I included them in the URI.  Maybe you
missed those.

> And Apache loves contributions, so you are welcome to fix/help
> with the docs, in case you think the AWS page need some help

I would happily do so.  But in order to verify the accuracy of the
docs, I need to know how Camel is expected to work.  So I asked.
Changing the documentation as I believe needs to be done would
constitute a change to [Camel's aws-sqs URI scheme syntax][3].

What I, and anyone else using Camel aws-sqs URIs needs to know is
what I asked very clearly last week: Must percent-encoded special
characters in a Camel message endpoint URI be wrapped in RAW() in
order for Camel to correctly process the URI?

Nobody has yet answered that question.  I don't know where else to
find the answer.  Even the source code is not clearly the place to
look, since this involves a bug that may not have been fixed.

I believe that either A) the [bug of topic here][4] persists in
Camel, in which case I offer to assist in changing the
documentation to suggest the suggested workaround, or B) this is
not, in fact, a bug, because the syntax for aws-sqs URIs now
*requires* use of RAW(), in which case I offer to assist in
changing the documentation to describe the new syntax.

Note that by "requires" I mean "requires in order for Camel to
function correctly with all valid URIs".  I understand that
sometimes we can avoid such requirements when we are confident
that our programs will encounter only a particular subset of valid
URIs--in this case, those that do not contain percent-encoded
data.  But that only means that it is not required on some
circumstances.  It would still be accurate to say that in order
for Camel to work in all supported circumstances, this is a

> Apache is a 100% open community, and its important that all
> conversation happens in the open, and on Apache infrastructure
> (eg mailing list / JIRA / etc) - so everybody can follow.

Understood and agreed.  That's why I e-mailed the list.  Having
received no answer to the question posed in my list post, I
e-mailed the person who worked a ticket relevant to my question,
who happened ot be active on the list.  Had you answered, I would
have followed up on the list with a summary of such so that other
people who search the list seeking the same information would find
it.  As I wrote previously, your issue tracking system did not
appear to allow outside contributions of comments.

I truly appreciate your efforts to enforce basic netiquette, as
those traditions are largely ignored nowadays, and they once made
technical mailing lists like this one run much more smoothly.  I
am well aware of those traditions.


 [1]: <>
      "IETF STD 66: URI Generic Syntax: 2.1. Percent-Encoding"
 [2]: <>
      "IETF STD 66: URI Generic Syntax: 2.2. Reserved Characters"
 [3]: <>
      "Apache Camel > Documentation > Components > AWS > AWS-SQS URI"
 [4]: <>
      "CAMEL-4954: Camel 2.9.0 incapable of working with % in endpoint URIs"

Phil Mocek

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