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From Keith Freeman <>
Subject diagnosing onException problem?
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 21:35:23 GMT
I have this code in my route:


                 .redeliveryDelay(1L * 1000L)
                 .maximumRedeliveryDelay(60L * 1000L)


                         ConfiguredRouteBuilder.class.getSimpleName() +
": onException handler: caught Exception! ${property." +
Exchange.EXCEPTION_CAUGHT + "}")

But when an exception happens, the delay between retries is always 1
second (or whatever I change the redeliveryDelay number to), there's
never any backoff (the retry logs are always 1-second apart).  So 2

1- why isn't the backoff multiplier having any effect?
2- is there a way (short of stepping through Camel source code) for me
to diagnose something like this?

(I'm on camel 2.12.1)

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