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From chaij <>
Subject Camel CXF Proxy with WS-Security
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2014 03:51:09 GMT
I am writing a SOAP proxy. When a SOAP service call comes in, it goes to a
CXF consumer->Processor->CXF producer (with WS-Security)

Since the incoming service call and the outgoing service call are from
different wsdl and thus different namespace, I would need to transform the
information. How can I achieve this and then have the message body ready to
pass on to the cxf:bean:realSerive?


		<camel:route id="toreal">
			<camel:from uri="cxf:bean:myProxy" />
			<camel:to uri="bean:myProcessorr" />
			<camel:to uri="cxf:bean:realService" />
	<bean id="wss4jInInterceptor-client"
				<entry key="action" value="UsernameToken Timestamp Signature Encrypt" />
				<entry key="passwordCallbackClass"
value="com.sms.dcp.KeystorePasswordCallback" />
				<entry key="decryptionPropFile"
				<entry key="encryptionKeyIdentifier" value="IssuerSerial" />
				<entry key="signaturePropFile"
value="cms-files/" />
				<entry key="signatureKeyIdentifier" value="DirectReference" />

	<cxf:cxfEndpoint id="edocumentVA" address="${VA_URL}"
		endpointName="...." serviceName="...."
		wsdlURL="wsdl/PDT/service.wsdl" serviceClass="DocumentService"
			<entry key="mtom-enabled" value="${MTOM_ENABLED}" />
			<entry key="dataFormat" value="CXF_MESSAGE" />
			<ref bean="wss4jInInterceptor-client" />

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