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From bijoy <>
Subject Seda does not work with CXFRS
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 06:02:13 GMT
I'm planning to create a REST web service using CXFRS component and want to
deploy the service on external Jetty container. I want the web service to
work in async mode, so I acknowledge the request with interim response and
then pass the request a processor using seda component. Following are the
route configurations...

*<bean id="customRoutePolicy" class="sample.CustomRoutePolicy"/>
<bean id="mainProcess" class="sample.MainProcessor"/>
<camel:camelContext id="sampleContext" autoStartup="false"
    <camel:route id="asyncProcessor" routePolicyRef="customRoutePolicy"
           <camel:from uri="seda:mainProcessor?purgeWhenStopping=true"/>
           <camel:process ref="mainProcess"/>   
    <camel:route id="asyncRESTReq" routePolicyRef="edmRoutePolicy"
           <camel:transform><camel:constant>This is temporary REST

As per log, Both the routes are starting fine and I'm sending a http request
temporary response is sent back to client. But the request is not being
transferred to seda component. Setting failIfNoConsumers=true generates
following exception and does not send temporary response to client...

*No consumers available on endpoint:
Exchange[Message: 5]
2014-03-11T11:25:48.813+0530 [qtp342295918-10] DEBUG
o.a.camel.processor.PipelineHelper:76 continueProcessing Message exchange
has failed: so breaking out of pipeline for exchange: Exchange[Message:
Execption has occurred [OUT]...exiting this route!!!] Handled by the error

It seems the seda consumer is coming up. Any idea why this could happen?

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