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From Mandy Warren <>
Subject Re: Cross war comms using direct-vm and cxf
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2014 07:29:06 GMT
Thanks Jason, we did consider this but it still involves creating additional threads and hence
making it tricky to debug. We are really after a solution which allows a synchronous call
across (same jvm) wars on a single thread.

Many thanks

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> On 9 Feb 2014, at 23:32, Jason Dwyer <> wrote:
> hi there,
> i'm fairly new to camel too, so defer to other answers as they come along,
> but have you considered using an activemq ( or other jms ) broker ?
> its pretty painless to set one up, and expose the tcp transport. instead of
> sending to direct or direct-vm, send to a queue, then have a second route
> consume it.
> ( you might even find deploying a third war with just activemq keeps it
> nice and decoupled )
> i've been pushing little blobs ( <1k ) of json onto a queue then reading
> off with multiple consumers and can get many thousands per second through
> on a not too beefy laptop .
> hope this helps
> cheers
> j
>> On 10 February 2014 09:21, Mandy Warren <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just started looking at Camel and I was wondering whether there was a
>> way to call from a CXF rest service deployed in war A to a CXF rest service
>> deployed in war B without the overhead of an HTTP call if both wars are
>> deployed in the same JVM?
>> Some background to my requirement..
>> - we have a large number of cxf services deployed in weblogic and a single
>> service may call 2 or 3 other services to complete its work. We'd ideally
>> like the calls to be made on a single thread when the calls are within the
>> same JVM as it makes debugging much easier.
>> Local transport in CXF looks ideal except it doesn't work across wars (at
>> least I haven't managed to make it work).
>> direct-vm looks interesting but I don't want the 2 services to be dependent
>> on each others service interface classes - instead I'd just like to pass a
>> JSON request between the 2 services and then have something execute the
>> appropriate rest service (and it's interceptors ideally).
>> Is there any way to achieve this?
>> Many thanks
>> Mandy

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