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From <>
Subject Fileconsumer failes to rename file in windows drive root directory
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 20:04:49 GMT
Hi Claus,

we have a route with consuming files form a mapped windows drive. 

First difference is, if we define address like this 
from(file://X:/?antInclude=test*.txt&noop=false).to(log:dummy) no files
are found.

While changing route to 
from(file://X:?antInclude=test*.txt&noop=false).to(log:dummy) files will
be found and deleted.

First debugging shows, that absoluteFilePath is missing the drive letter
in GenericFile to in GenericFileProcessStrategySupport.renameFile while
from.absolutFilePath is complete. If route works on a subdirectory of
this drive everything is okay.

I am missing something or is this a very special bug?

Regards Robin

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