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From Andrew Thorburn <>
Subject JMS failed because destination does not exist, but keeps trying to refresh?
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 00:21:12 GMT
Using SMX 4.5.3 and Camel 2.10.7 (the version included with SMX).

I've got my application set up to use the IBM MQ JMS APIs to transfer
messages to a WebSphere MQ server. That works fine (which surprised
me, frankly!), but if the destination doesn't exist, I see the
following in the log:

19:14:11,034 | WARN  | <REPLY_QUEUE>] |
entQueueMessageListenerContainer | 104 - org.springframework.jms -
3.0.7.RELEASE | Setup of JMS message listener invoker failed for
destination '<REPLY_QUEUE>' - trying to recover. Cause: MQJMS2008:
failed to open MQ queue ; nested exception is
MQJE001: Completion Code 2, Reason 2085
19:14:11,458 | INFO  | <REPLY_QUEUE>] |
entQueueMessageListenerContainer | 104 - org.springframework.jms -
3.0.7.RELEASE | Successfully refreshed JMS Connection

In this case, I'm using a Request/Reply pattern, with the request
going out on Queue A, and the reply coming in on Queue B. If neither A
nor B exist, I get the above error in the logs, every 10 seconds or
so, as it tries to reconnect to the reply queue (which fails, because
it does not and will never exist). It also spits out an error
connecting to the request queue, but that's not a surprise, and only
occurs once.

Does anyone know how I can deal with this? Do I need to set a
particular property on the JMS Config or something? I see there is a
receiveTimeout, but since it's not even connecting, I'm not sure
that's going to be much use.


- Andrew Thorburn

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