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From Stephan Burkard <>
Subject Can "useAdviceWith" raise problems with errorhandling?
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2013 15:15:56 GMT
Hi Camel users

My Camel is currently a bit wrong-headed and so I am riding down another
path than the one I am expecting.

I have attached a small example project that is based on Camel 2.9.8 and
the problem occurs with errorhandling and adviceWith.

I have a route with a default errorhandler with redelivery configured and
an additional onException block for a specific exception that does no

Let's start with the working example (see "FullErrorHandlingTest" in
example project):
If I create the route with a "built in" exception (hardcoded in the route)
according to the onException block, the block catches the exception
correctly and does no redelivery. All is fine.

Now the strange behaviour (see "ErrorHandlingAdviceTest" in example
If I create the same route, but omit the last step and instead add this
same last step in the TestCase with "adviceWith", the block does NOT catch
the exception and the default errorhandler does the configured retries.

Therefore the question: is "adviceWith" raising issues with errorhandling?
Or is the strange behaviour due to a mistake I made?

I would like to create automated tests to control the route flow for
different errors.

Thanks for any help

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