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Subject Efficient transport for remoting behind firewall ?
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 12:22:25 GMT

I search an efficient transport for remoting behind a firewall. I need to control several
hundred machines in several 100 locations that are all behind a firewall (one firewall for
each site). That firewall:
- denies incoming connection / opening of ports
- allows outgoing connections, be it http or any other protocol / port.
- is behind a mobile data connection (in about 10% of the sites the machines are run at).
That means there is no direct public ipv4 address available

Because of this I suspect a xmpp or similar based solution that "polls" for requests from
the outside would be ideal. But because the machines have nothing to do most of the time (I
would say idle 95% of the day) the connection from the machine to the central controller should
be "efficient". By efficient I mean:
- should not waste much bandwidth while waiting for commands
- should not waste bandwidth when retrieving commands and giving answers (an estimate of 1KB
for command and 20 to 100KB for answers)
- should react instantly, so a periodic polling will not suffice

What is your suggested technique ? Should I go for XMPP ?

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