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From nanotech <>
Subject Re: [Camel + Websphere MQ ] How to send MQRFH2 properties and ReplyToQ
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 16:01:01 GMT
Hi David,

I am using MQ 7 and trying to set properties in <usr> folder(MQRFH V2 header
) and trying to view them as Named Properties through MQ Explorer.

I tried the code that you provided, here is how I put it in the testMe()
method [see original post]
		  JmsComponent wmq = new JmsComponent(context);		  
		  IBMWebSphereMqDestinationResolver resolver = new
		  resolver.setTargetClient(WMQConstants.WMQ_CLIENT_NONJMS_MQ );

		  context.addComponent("wmq", wmq );

In the createWMQ() method [see original post], I am setting a property like
mqConnectionFactory.setStringProperty("foo", "bar");

and in resolveDestinationName method in set String Property in the  like
mqDestination.setProperty("foo2", "bar2");

And I am hoping that properties would show up on the mesage. But they do
not. Actually none of the headers show up.

If I omit the following line from my code then JMS Headers show up.
 resolver.setTargetClient(WMQConstants.WMQ_CLIENT_NONJMS_MQ );

But, In this case I see two things.
1. The properties that I set through
mqConnectionFactory.setStringProperty("foo", "bar"); do not show up.
2. The properties that I set from resolveDestinationName method in do make it in there, but they are
present on JMSDestination like below

JMSDestination --> queue:///MY.QUEUE?foo2=bar2

Other properties on the message are
JMSDeliveryMode --> 2
JMSTimeStamp --> <current_TimeStamp>
breadCrumbId --> <SomeLongId>
mcd.Msd--> jms_bytes

I want the properties as separate line item like breadCrumbId, so essentialy
I would like to see
foo2 --> bar2 

Can you give me pointers on how to achieve this ?

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