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From "pmp.martins" <>
Subject Load balancing using Mina example with Java DSL
Date Sun, 03 Nov 2013 21:42:39 GMT
So, recently I started learning Camel. As part of the process I decided to go
through all the examples (listed  HERE
<>   and available when you  DOWNLOAD
<>   the package with all the examples
and docs) and to see what I could learn. 

One of the examples,  Load Balancing using Mina
<>   caught my
attention because it uses a Mina in different JVM's and it simulates a load
balancer with round robin. 

I have a few problems with this example. First it uses the Spring DSL,
instead of the Java DSL which my project uses and which I find a lot easier
to understand now (mainly also because I am used to it). So the first
question: is there a version of this example using only the Java DSL instead
of the Spring DSL for the routes and the beans?

My second questions is code related. The description states, and I quote:

<blockquote cite="">
Within this demo every ten seconds, a Report object is created from the
Camel load balancer server.
This object is sent by the Camel load balancer to a MINA server where the
object is then serialized.
One of the two MINA servers (localhost:9991 and localhost:9992) receives the
object and enriches 
the message by setting the field reply of the Report object. The reply is
sent back by the MINA 
server to the client, which then logs the reply on the console.

So, from what I read, I understand that the MINA server 1 (per example)
receives a report from the loadbalancer, changes it, and then it sends that
report back to some invisible client. Upon checking the code, I see no
client java class or XML and when I run, the server simply posts the results
on the command line. Where is the client ?? What is this client?

In the MINA 1server code presented here:


<beans xmlns=""

  <bean id="service" class="org.apache.camel.example.service.Reporting"/>

  <camelContext xmlns="">

    <route id="mina1">
      <from uri="mina:tcp://localhost:9991"/>
      <setHeader headerName="minaServer">
      <bean ref="service" method="updateReport"/>




I don't understand how the updateReport method magically prints the object
on my console. What if I wanted to send message to a third MINA server? How
would I do it? (I would have to add a new route, and send it to the URI of
the 3rd server correct?)

I know most of these questions may sound dumb, but I would appreciate if
anyone could help me. A Java DSL version of this would really help me.

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