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From 朱 巍 <>
Subject a question on servlet component
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2013 05:33:05 GMT
hi,camel riders
Very sorry to interrupt you. My name is Zhu Wei, i'm from China. I am new to camel, now when
i using camel servlet component i meet a problem, it trapped me for several days, i see you
are very eager to help people, so i write this email hope to get some help from you.

the case is: i use a jsp page to post some data to my camel servlet, then camel bridge this
request to a external HTTP url, the external HTTP url is a simple servlet, it just reply a
string to the original requester (response.getWriter().print("Hello World~~")). my thinking
is it will be displayed on the requester's browser.

camel configuration like below:
<from uri="servlet:///hello" />
<to uri=""/>

the problem is: the request browser can receive the response, but it will pop up a dialog
box to ask you if want to save a file...i open this file, the content is the string from the
external app, it seems the browser couldn't recognize the response.  
Do you know the root cause? Hope hear some voice from you.

zhu wei
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