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From Keith Freeman <>
Subject any way to turn off a timer?
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2013 19:22:34 GMT
I have a route with 2 sources, a timer and a seda queue.  It uses the 
timer to poll a data source while it's getting data from the queue, and 
processes all of  the data identically later in the route.  But after a 
while, the polled data source is exhausted while the seda queue (and the 
route) will continue to run more-or-less forever.

So once I recognize that the polled data source is exhausted, I'd like 
to turn off the timer so I don't have to start ignoring the polls from 
it.  I realize I might be able to use 2 separate routes and just stop 
the timer route when it's done, but having only 1 route fits my design 
much better.

So is there any way to turn off the timer?  (BTW I don't know the number 
of polls in advance, otherwise I know I could use the repeatCount parameter)

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