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From rpcat <>
Subject standalone camel stops routing for hour at daylight saving change
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2013 17:31:21 GMT
My standalone camel app stops routing when I simulate daylight saving time
change by setting the system time back an hour (e.g. date --set "2013-10-16
00:00:30"). Once the system time catches up again to where the time was when
it was set back an hour, the routes all start going again. 

I'm using camel version 2.12 and a camel.main.Main instance to run:  

	public void startDriver() throws Exception
		main = new Main();
		main.enableHangupSupport();	//so you can press ctrl-c to terminate the jvm
		//TODO put the config in utilityBean
		UtilityBean utilityBean = new UtilityBean();
		// The route has the bean instance.
		main.addRouteBuilder(new Routes(utilityBean));

		// run until you terminate the JVM with <ctrl> c"Starting Camel. Use ctrl + c to terminate the JVM.\n");;
  "Camel is stopping for timeMonitor. ");
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
		Driver driver = new Driver();

with a timer route set to repeatCount=1 to start up the initial route.


		.bean(utilityBean, "setTime1")				
		.delay(60)			// millis delay between polling the timecode, otherwise two
consecutive polls are equal
		.bean(utilityBean, "setTime2")
		.bean(utilityBean, "compareTimecodes");

	public String compareTimecodes(Exchange exchange)
		String result = "seda:pollingLoop";

		String name = "compareTimecodes";
		log.debug(name + " time1: "+ getTime1() + " time2: " + getTime2() + "\n");
		if ((null != getTime1()) && (null != getTime2()) &&
    		result = "direct:restartTimeserver";

		// set the message body to empty string
		return result;

If I start the initial route without a timer would that possibly resolve
this? And if so, how do I do that? Clearly, I need the routes to run during
that "extra" hour.

Any help is much appreciated.

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