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From javakurious <>
Subject Re: Netty: messages not propagated back from netty producer
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2013 22:48:39 GMT
Upgraded the camel to 2.12.1 . 

No effect ! :(

Here is the reiteration of the issue and a couple of additional

I am getting a webservice request using CXF, I send the request to a remote
server using netty and pass the response back to the webservice client. 

Given that the default behavior of Netty is async, it's causing a disconnect
between CXF request and the response returned by Netty. Therefore, the
webservice keeps getting empty response, even though the remote socket is
responding to Netty , but its getting lost. If the webservice client keep
sending requests, every once in a while, it actually sees a response. 

So, I set the synchronous parameter to be true. Now, Netty component keeps
returning empty.It appears that Netty is not waiting for the response from
remote server, and just moves on to next component. Is there a way to make
netty block until it receives a response from remote socket ?


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