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From Christian Posta <>
Subject Re: Are there any Camel hack to make all the JMS component to use one and only thread?
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 16:35:07 GMT
So what's the underlying concurrency issue? Ordering? Can you just have a
route that multiplexes all of those incoming queues into a single queue (or
in-mem queue) and then have a route w/ only one thread that does CBR and
invoke the correct bean?

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 9:02 AM, gnani swami <>wrote:

> Hi,
> Camel was wonderful piece of software and using it in production for more
> than a year.  Our version of Camel was 2.10.1
> I recently added few additional route (and bug in buz logic too) to
> interface with additional systems, all the routes are doing the similar
> job. They read JMS message from an unique-end-point (MQ JMS Queue) and
> invoke buzComponent (Camel component).
> But recently discovered that some subtle concurrency issues inside the
> buzComponent causing trouble to us. And I am looking for some sort of Camel
> hack to prevent it from further damage by making all the end-point consumer
> to use one and only thread.
> 1) As a short term solution, we like to convert all the JMS component to
> use single threaded threadPool (or taskExecutor), and that new thread pool
> shouldn't allow more than a thread across all the JMS end-point.  Is it
> possible?  We are not worried about latency and performance for some time.
> 2) if there is a possibility, our camel error handlers were already
> in-place, Can we assume that single thread would continue working despite
> any exception configured to errorHandler. ErrorHandlers will have its own
> thread.
> 3) I am also happy to introduce one or more route and end-point inside
> camelcontex.xml, so all the buzComponent can be redirected into that new
> route to make it SingleThreaded execution somehow.. are there any
> suggestion to use some  camel component (We could use any hack as long as
> configurable inside xml).
> I am pretty sure all the above approach may be short sighted, but looking
> for temporary solution which could work for few days. We are happy to
> modify Camel xml, than changing code and making it complex.
> I appreciate feedback.
> Regards
> Mohan
> <camelContext>
>     <route id="route-one">
>             <from uri="ibmmq1:queue:fromSourceOne" />
>             <inOnly uri="direct://buzComponent" />
>     </route>
>     <route id="route-two">
>             <from uri="ibmmq2:queue:fromSourceTwo" />
>             <inOnly uri="direct://buzComponent" />
>     </route>
>     <!-- problematic root due to buzComponent locking-->
>     <route id="high-speed-source-source-3">
>             <from uri="ibmmq3:queue:fromHighSpeedSourceOne" />
>             <inOnly uri="direct://buzComponent" />
>     </route>
>     <route id="high-speed-source-source-4">
>             <from uri="ibmmq4:queue:fromHighSpeedSourceTwo" />
>             <inOnly uri="direct://buzComponent" />
>     </route>
> </camelContext>
> <bean id="ibmmq" class="org.apache.camel.component.jms.JmsComponent">
>     <property name="connectionFactory">
>         <bean class="">
>         ...
>         </bean>
>     </property>
> </bean>

*Christian Posta*
twitter: @christianposta

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