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From contactreji <>
Subject CFX to Queue : io.serializationException
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 12:27:55 GMT
Hi Guys

I have a problem in the following route.

*<route id="Route1_MES_Queue">
			<from uri="cxf:bean:PowerConsumptionEndpoint"/>
			<log message="Persisting Message to queue ${body}\n">
				<description>&lt;bean ref="myBean"/&gt;</description>
			<to uri="activemq:queue:EC_InboundQueue" />

The data from cxf:bean:PowerConsumptionEndpoint is not able to queue up  in
the message broker. It gives io.serialization exception.

I tried modifying as cxf:bean:PowerConsumptionEndpoint?dataFormat=MESSAGE
which indeed solved the issue.

But I have another route picking the same data from the queue as 

<route id="Route2_Queue_SAPPI">
			<from uri="activemq:queue:EC_InboundQueue" />

			<log message="Message dequed Queue ${body}\n">
				<description>&lt;bean ref="myBean"/&gt;</description>
			<to uri="SAPClientInvoker" />

Here the SAPClientInvoker is a Java class which makes a webservice call to
SAP PI system. We have followed the WSDL approach and we have a schema class
DTPowerConsumption whose object is used to invoke Webservice call to SAP PI.
This is part of SAPClientInvoker Class
DTPowerConsumption PC=exchng.getIn().getBody(DTPowerConsumption.class);"\n Data received for Energy Consumption from MES  \n");"\n Sending Request from MES to PI for Energy Consumption
		try {"before invoking");
			sapService.siID59PowerconsumptionAsyncOut(PC);"Response from PI for Energy Consumption");
			exchng.getOut().setBody("Response from PI Energy for consumption");

Now i assume that dataFormat=MESSAGE parameter is fiddling with the original
compatible data coming to fuse endpoint and hencethe SAPClientInvoker
webservice call is not able to maintain the perfect call to SAP PI. and SAP
PI ends up sending HTTP 500 error code .

Can anyone suggest me how to store the data on route 1 without really
fiddling with the message formats without serialization exceptions?

Or can I use a marshaller before storing it into the Queue and unmarshaller
after fetching it from the queue before calling SAPClinetInvoker?

If so can I use Camel component 

            <jaxb prettyPrint="false" contextPath="org.apache.camel.example"
                partNamespace="{}po" />

            <jaxb prettyPrint="false" contextPath="org.apache.camel.example"
                partClass="org.apache.camel.example.Partial" />
What is the value to be entered for contextPath and partNamespace?? I am
confused with that.
If there is a alternate way to handle this, please help me with it..


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