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From Marco Westermann <>
Subject Re: ExchangePatterns ?
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 09:38:17 GMT

for an explanation about exchange pattern have a look here:

first of all I would set the exchange pattern as an argument on the 
to-element cause I think that makes the routes much more readable. 
Nevertheless I cannot find an error at your implementation. are you sure 
the HTTP POST method gives back a response? you may explain your problem 
in more detail.

consider using the tracer to see whats happening in your route.

regards, Marco

Am 15.08.2013 11:14, schrieb Niels:
> Hey there,
> I've been playing around with the different ExchangePatterns but couldn't
> figure out 100% how they work.
> I'm assuming that ExchangePatterns are set on a Exchange based level. But
> during my investigation on the message headers I couldn't find the property
> for the ExchangePattern (I examined the message headers using AMQ Webconsole
> so I'm only 99% sure I got so see them all). I can also rule out Route based
> level because I examined the routes using JConsole and couldn't find any
> reference to ExchangePattern.
> Assuming they are set on a Exchange I'm wondering why I can't change the
> them in different routes.
> I'm trying to do something like this:
> <route>
> 	<from uri="jetty:"/>
> 	<setExchangePattern pattern="InOnly"/>
> 	<to uri="activemq:in_http_1d3329c4-e516-4ac6-b086-c9d696f21208" />
> </route>
> <route>
> 	<from uri="activemq:in_http_1d3329c4-e516-4ac6-b086-c9d696f21208"/>
> 	<setExchangePattern pattern="InOut"/>
> 	<setHeader headerName="CamelHttpMethod">
> 		<constant>POST</constant>
> 	</setHeader>
> 	<to uri=""/>
> 	<to uri="activemq:in_http_af1f4dea-8299-4132-8640-1fa29234945c"/>
> </route>
> <route>
> 	<from uri="activemq:in_http_af1f4dea-8299-4132-8640-1fa29234945c"/>
> 	<to
> uri="file:/tmp/results?autoCreate=true&amp;charset=utf-8&amp;fileExist=Override"/>
> </route>
> I expose a Jetty http endpoint where people can post to, they don't care
> about the response just sending back a 200 is fine here. That's why I use
> the In Only exchange pattern works fine.
> Now the next route I'm posting to another http service but in contrary to
> the first route I want to capture the response and pass it on. Since the
> ExchangePattern is set on an Exchange I would assume setting it back to
> default InOut would enable me to capture the http response. However that's
> not the case!
> I'm confused over here, could anybody explain to me if I'm right?
> Or could suggest another solution to my problem?
> Niels Stevens
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