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From contactreji <>
Subject Jetty or CXF Http:Conduit for SSL?
Date Sun, 25 Aug 2013 07:19:20 GMT

I am trying to connect to a https enabled secure service at SAP PI end. 

I have the SSL certificates in form of jks files namely truststore.jks and

Could you advice which is the best component to use in my case. I will be
sending xml data to SAP PI which is received from third party system at the
CXF Endpoint in Fuse ESB.

I found a note at as follows:::::

/Jetty is stream based, which means the input it receives is submitted to
Camel as a stream. That means you will only be able to read the content of
the stream once.
If you find a situation where the message body appears to be empty or you
need to access the data multiple times (eg: doing multicasting, or
redelivery error handling)
you should use Stream caching or convert the message body to a String which
is safe to be re-read multiple times./

So can I use this component? Will SAP PI be able to receive my xml data or
will it receive it as stream ?


Pls look at my code configuring JETTY:

	<bean id="jetty"
		<property name="sslSocketConnectorProperties">
				<entry key="password" value="fuseesb" />
				<entry key="keyPassword" value="fuseesb" />
				<entry key="keystore" value="src/main/resources/certs/keystore.jks" />
				<entry key="truststore" value="src/main/resources/certs/truststore.jks"
				<entry key="trustPassword" value="fuse" />
				<entry key="needClientAuth" value="true" />
	<jaxws:client id="PIServiceProxy"
		username="om_sys_user" password="om_sys_user" />
	<osgi:reference id="company-datasource" interface="javax.sql.DataSource" />

IS THIS THE CORRECT WAY of configuring jetty?


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