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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Camel in Openshift
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 04:26:20 GMT
On 23 July 2013 20:13, wcpolicarpio <> wrote:
> Hi James,
> That would be awesome! I will definitely anticipate your new cartridge.

Cool, I'll reply to this thread when I've got a blog on how to get started.

> I saw the interface and it looks cool.


> (
> I have a follow-up question. Is it possible to deploy the camel route in a
> jboss/tomcat gear and communicate to another gear(e.g. php with a mysql)?


On OpenShift each 'gear' is a separate virtual computer (or unix
lightweight container - LxC) on some hardware somewhere. An
'application' is zero to many gears (depending on auto-scaling or

The easiest way to communicate between gears is to use HTTP; since
each application gets its own domain name (which abstracts the
auto-scaling & HTTP load balancing underneath), so any gear/app can
talk to any other gear/app via
for example if using OpenShift Online.

In Camel terms there are a few different endpoints which under the
covers use HTTP (e.g. http, http4, netty-http, jetty, cxf, restlet

For non-HTTP communication (e.g. messaging), we're working on nicer
ways to perform inter-gear communication in the Fuse cartridge & with
the OpenShift team...

Red Hat

Twitter: jstrachan, fusenews

Open Source Integration

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