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From Costash <>
Subject Camel testing
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 16:15:33 GMT

I've just started to use camel, and I'm trying to understand and create some
unit tests, but i don t understand how Mok is working or how unit tests
should look like (i've read the tutorials and documentation about camel
What do i mean by not understanging is:

i have a defined route:
public class MyRouteBuilder extends RouteBuilder{
	public void configure() throws Exception {
from("jms:queue:inputQueueName").process(new Processor()

in all the examples found , a new Class extends CamelTestSupport {

and also creating the rounting inside, so it can be moked:
    protected RouteBuilder createRouteBuilder() {
        return new RouteBuilder() {
            public void configure() {
so the route is defined exactly here, so it can be moked and get the

BUT, what about to test an allready created route?
I can't say .to("mock:result");

i suposed it should be:

    protected RouteBuilder createRouteBuilder() {
return new MyRouteBuilder();

So my questions are:
1. how can i test a route? (i can't define the rules of routing inside the
test class by overwriting the createRouteBuilder() , because i already have
the route implementation => duplicate code)
2. Should my MyRouteBuilder have specific methods implemented so i can mok
it after in the test class?
3. is it there another way to test the output messages of a router besides
      - I did it in one way, but i think is not the "correct" one:
               - In a Test Class, I've created a Connection factory to a jms
queue and creating a context
               - I've added the desired route to be tested into the context
(  context.addRoute(new MyRoutebuilder()))
               - Started the context (so my router is running in 
"backgroud" let s say)
               - i've put a message into the input queue of the router with
another test Router (from file to queue)
               - i've taken the message from output queue of the router with
a test router (From message to file)
               - compare the file with an expected one.
But this is bad as concept for unit tests (let s say Junits), i think.

4. Do you a link, or something to a generic test example of a camel route?

PS: Sorry if the are stupid questions


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