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From lassesvestergaard <>
Subject Re: jsf and apache camel
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:03:54 GMT
Ok. I have some clarifying questions then :-)

jstrachan wrote
> I think you're confusing anonymous processors with DI beans. A data
> format is mostly just a bean which needs to be registered in some
> registry (JNDI, spring, guice, whatever). Those are outside of the
> camel DSL and camel looks them up by name. So you don't need anonymous
> processors in the Java DSL; you just need a way to load/register beans
> by name that you can reference from your dynamic camel routes.

What I want to do is; I want a registered user (could more or less be
anyone) to be able to create a custom route, on my my Apache camel web
application (of course there are some security issues here, but this will be
solved in different ways - that's an other discussion). The user could ex.
be interested in doing some screen scraping from some arbitrary web page
once a day. I imagine that the user would log in to my jsf page, and then
start assembling (drag and drop much like a camel route. The user
would initially drag in ex. a timer component, then a http component, and
setup the necessary properties, headers etc. After that he might want to
create an anonymous processor because he can't find any component that can
filter and convert the html from the scraped web page into what he want (he
might might want to get the inner html from all p tags inside a div tag that
has id="dummy"). When he has done this custom conversion/filtering he want's
to send the resulting data to a sql database, which he does through the SQL
component. This scenario is just one example, and I want users to be able to
do what ever data routing they can imagine. They might want to send an image
pixel by pixel from some arbitrary place to an other arbitrary place. 

I'm not sure I understand you correctly. Do you suggest that I can do the
above scenario without anonymous processors, and the user would be able to
do the same filtering and conversion through xml only?

Of course I want to be able, as the administrator, to feed Camel with new
components through it's lifetime, but I'm not sure I would like ordinary
users to be able to do this from the start. This means that I will develop a
backend, to the website, where I can upload a .java file, and then the
server would compile, class load and inject the component into Camel. After
that anyone can just select the component form a list (on my website) of all
accessible camel components, and drag 'n drop a route similar to
Furthermore I want users to be able to edit and delete their own routes.

I'm not sure if I'm missing some important point here.

Thanks for your time.

/Lasse Vetsergaard

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