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From roger_rabbit <>
Subject Quartz and enrich seem not to work together...
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:39:48 GMT

I read a few things about the subject, but since most of them were 3 years
old, I guess there are new features that may have changed the issue... so
here's my 2013 problem.

First of all, I am quite new to camel (20 days experience).

In a previous project, I managed to use a quartz-triggered route to get some
informations from a http site and send them as messages on a bus topic
This worked fine for me.

Now, I am trying to use the same kind of process to manage a file, in such a
way I read the file at a time pointed out by a cron expression, and use the
content of the file to trigger several messages on bus (basicely : one
message will be triggerd per line in file).

Very basicely, this should look like (from my RouteBuilder-implementing
class) :

My problem is that the file is processed only for the first quartz event,
and then, never processed again... (even if I change file's content). 
So, what I guess is that it is "consumed" (thus, never read, and that's why
the route failed during the next quartz events),  and that I have to keep
the content of the file in some ... place (topic?/seda?/other?) and enrich
my quartz route from that place without consuming the message...
My problem is, as a noobie, I don't know how to that.
I tried to set a previous route such as :


and then use as as my enrichment source :


... but the problem was the same... since obviously it is still consumed.

I also tried to use a ConsumerTemplate from a processor to enrich the
exchange with stg like :

Process(Exchange ex){
    Exchange newEx =
... but all the same...

So I tried many things and ended up thinking I .. think the wrong way. So
any tip here would be welcome.

Thanks in advance

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