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From Conneen Michael <>
Subject mybatis, velocity and html response
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2013 21:01:02 GMT

I  suspect I am a stones throw away from the "ah ha" moment.. but I cannot seem to get there..
  I am a newbie so I purchased and downloaded the Camel In Action ebook... Great overview
and has gotten me this far.. I do have "some" of the individual pieces working.. I just cannot
figure out how to build the route correctly. 
 I have searched the camel user forum for "mybatis selectlist velocity" ... but have yet to
find what I am looking for... 
 Here is what I want to do.. 
 1.  Run camel using a servlet endpoint as the starting point.   
 	From the tomcat example, got this working and mostly understand the spring configuration...

 2.  Parse off a parameter and pass into a myBatis select list. .. 
	I have worked with myBatis a lot from POJOs... so I have both POJOs.. and I think a direct
junit test of the mybatis route.. 
 3.  Route the query results to velocity to produce an html table. ... 
	I have junit working where I pass a list via  template.requestBody("direct:in", list);
 4.  Return the results of the velocity template as the html response
	Have not tackled this yet.   Trying to get routes 2 and 3 above first.. 
 Things I cannot figure out.. 
A.   via "to" routing syntax, how do I provide the appropriate list collection to velocity
?  I know the raw syntax is
 		List<?> list = mock.getReceivedExchanges().get(0).getIn().getBody(List.class);
 		but velocity is expecting the collection as part of the body.. 
 B.  how do I pull the velocity results out and concatenate with my desired html output stream?

Any pointers to my "ah ha" moment much appreciated.. 
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