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From Chris Wolf <>
Subject Problem with DefaultCamelContext EndpointRegistry
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 19:28:28 GMT
I am trying to develop a new component, but it needs to be able to
have it's endpoint be registered in
the CamelContext endpoint registry.   Whenever the runtime tries to
call DefaultCamelContext.getEndpoint(String uri)
it returns null, even though, in the debugger, I can expand

...and see that, for sure, the endpoint is in the registry, except the
key now has "%3A2" appended, so of course,
the EndpointKey, which looks like:


...won't match, so that explains why
DefaultCamelContext.getEndpoint(String uri) returns null.  (other entries removed for clarity)

*** So why does the key in the have "%3A2"  appended to it? ***



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