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From "Lutter, Robin" <>
Subject [Best practise question] Running Camel in JBoss cluster
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 13:20:24 GMT
Hi @all,

we plan to run camel in clustered environment. Our target platform is
JBoss 7.1.3 (or Wildfly EAP 6.0) with following challenges:

1. most of our routes (httpConsumer, fileConsumer, ftpConsumer) are
triggered using quartz: a triggered route should run on one node at time
2. some servlet endpoints, which are load balanced
3. route manipulation through user interaction during runtime on one
node must be distributed to all other nodes 
4. multiple nodes for failover and work balancing

Our current approach is:
Running quartz clustered should be no problem, isnt' it?
Every node starts it's own camel context should with working routes. So
there all servlet endpoints are accessible on all nodes.

My question is there a good source or real life experience for running
camel in distributed environment.
How to sync different camel context?

Thanks Robin

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