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From pradeep <>
Subject In came-quartz route after bundle update jobs are not triggred.
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 07:51:52 GMT

In came-quartz route after bundle update jobs are not triggred.
I created a small example for camel-quartz with persistence(Quatz mysql
database). My blueprint.xml looks like

<route id="CamelQuartzExampleRoute">
<from uri="CamelQuartzJob" />
<method ref="helloBean" method="hello"/>
<log message="The message contains $

<to uri="mock:result"/>

In the above route I used property placeholder CamelQuartzJob for quartz uri
and its value is configured from a configuration file. I deployed this
example in jboss fuse and it worked as expected means the job is stored in
quartz database and triggered for every 30 seconds. The actual issue is
1. I changed the quartz uri value configured in configuration file from
quartz://DeleteRecord/DeleteRecordTimer?cron=0/30+?&stateful=true to
quartz://DeleteRecord/DeleteRecordTimer?cron=0/60+?&stateful=true and then
did a bundle update for that example project.
2. The bundle started successfully but the scheduled job is not started for
every 60 seconds. From fuse logs I could see

12:13:00,014 | WARN | heduler_Worker-1 | CamelJob | 261 -
org.apache.camel.camel-quartz - 2.10.0.redhat-60024 | Cannot find existing
QuartzEndpoint with uri:
Creating new endpoint instance.

I believe in camel-quartz we have to use route id or the endpoint id in the
quartz database instead of the URI. But not sure about the root cause.
Please guide me?

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