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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: Sftp bug in Camel 2.11.0
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 15:16:11 GMT
Bengt, many thanks for reporting this.

Either svn or git tells you pretty quickly how that code got there (git 
blame). Do you mind raising a jira for this embarrassing bug? If you 
want to contribute a patch it'd be highly appreciated. That aside, I'll 
look into it in the afternoon. I'll need to check if that piece of code 
was meant to address another usecase or was an oversight and 
insufficient testing.


On 05/03/2013 10:35 AM, Bengt Rodehav wrote:
> Unfortunately I seem to have found another bug in Camel 2.11.0 regarding
> sftp. I noticed it when I removed the "stepwise=false" argument from my
> routes thus enabling the default stepwise way of changing directory.
> The problematic section begins at line 404 in
> *404:*        if (getCurrentDirectory().startsWith(path)) {
> *405:*            // use relative path
> *406:*            String p = getCurrentDirectory().substring(path.length());
> *407:*            if (p.length() == 0) {
> *408:*                return;
> *409:*            }
> *410:*            // the first character must be '/' and hence removed
> *411:*            path =
> UP_DIR_PATTERN.matcher(p).replaceAll("/..").substring(1);
> *412:*        }
> The problem does not arise when stepping down into the directory to poll
> but when going back to the directory where we started. Assume that the home
> directory in the sftp server is "/" and I want to poll the directory "in"
> relative to the root. My endpoint would look something like this:
>    sftp://user@server/in?password=secret
> What happens is that the "i" in "in" is removed and Camel attempts to
> change to directory "n". Looking at the code above, the following happens:
> - The current directory is "/in" since we have previously succeeded in
> moving there and polling for files. We are now attempting to go back to
> where we started, therefore "path" is "/".
> - On line 406, the variable "p" will be set to "in", thus removing the
> leading "/".
> - On line 411 an incorrect assumption is made: It is assumed that the first
> character must be "/" but the leading "/" was removed on line 406. The
> result is therefore that "path" is set to "n" instead of "in".
> I haven't investigated when this error was introduced. I did however
> compare with the corresponding logic in In that file
> the section quoted above does not exist at all. It seems to me that the
> purpose with this code is to, stepwise, change directory up to ".." - one
> directory at a time instead of going straight to "/". It seems very
> unnecessary to me but I assume there is a reason for it. Otherwise, the
> easiest change would be to just remove the code above and use the same
> logic as in
> Currently my only workaround is to use "stepwise=false".
> /Bengt

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