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From Sven Bauhan <>
Subject Aggregator and closeCorrelationKeyOnCompletion
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 10:25:39 GMT

I use an aggregator to combine segmented messages (as the channel has 
limited size).
For each received segment a response message is expected with the 
appropriate response status.
As correlation key the message ID is used; and each segment has a 
segment number.

When a complete message is received, the correlation key shall be closed 
to prevent receiving different messages with the same message ID.

But what happens, if the message will not get completed, because a 
segment is incorrect? How can a correlation key be held open when the 
message is resend?

I am not clear, how to implement the aggregate() method in the 
AggragationStrategy. How to react when a wrong segment is received? Does 
the Aggregator reset the correlation key and segment counter 
automatically, if the aggregate() method throws an exception? Or is 
there another way to tell the Aggregator what to do?


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