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From TonyK <>
Subject Re: Null Body
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 14:03:03 GMT
Thanks for the quick response. I tried setting streamcache to true on the
route, but no luck. I believe it has something to do with the unmarshalling
to jaxb, if I throw an exception before the unmarshal, then the body
returned to the parent route is not null. If add a processor to my
onException, then I see data in the body, but I can't seem to pass it back
so that when I get to my aggregation strategy the data is gone... I've put
the routes below to try to give a little more context.

	<camelContext xmlns=""
errorHandlerRef="defaultHandler" >
		<errorHandler id="defaultHandler" type="DefaultErrorHandler">
			<redeliveryPolicy redeliveryDelay="1000" maximumRedeliveries="0" />
		<route id="REMOVETestEnvironmentWriteToQueue">
			<from uri="file:C:\\test\\from\\?noop=true&delay=40000" />
			<to uri="jms:ANN.NB.ILLUST.BATCH" />
		<route id="IllustrationsBatch">
			<from uri="jms:ANN.NB.ILLUST.BATCH" />
			<camel:split strategyRef="IllustAggregationStrat"

				<to uri="xslt:WrapTXLifeRequestInTXLife.xsl" />
				<inOut uri="jms:ANN.NB.ILLUST.INSURANCETECH.IN?           
                                                &requestTimeout=120000" />
///This route is just calling a bean that returns xml from a file.

				<setHeader headerName="formDestination">
				<to uri="xslt:InsTechResultToFormRequest.xsl" />
				<inOut uri="jms:ANN.NB.ILLUST.IMAGE.IN?transferException=true
&requestTimeout=120000" />

	<camelContext xmlns="">
			<jaxb id="jaxb" contextPath="com.sfg.annuity.model.acord" />

			<redeliveryPolicy maximumRedeliveries="1"
				backOffMultiplier="2" useExponentialBackOff="true" />

		<route id="ImagingRoute">
			<unmarshal ref="jaxb" /> 
			<to uri="{{endpoint.ImagingService}}" /> // This is just calling a bean
that throws an IOException
			<marshal ref="jaxb" />

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