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From Babak Vahdat <>
Subject Re: CSV component and Mac line endings (carriage return only)
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2013 19:13:52 GMT

No the version 1.0-r706899_5 is the most recent version of this SMX bundle
and *not* 1.0-r706900_3, as you can see from it's POM history:

Other way is to check the file timestamp of the different versions:

So don't let the (poor) version namings being used here irritate you.

Camel 2.10.x relies on 1.0-r706900_3 however the upcoming Camel 2.11 release
makes use of the latest version 1.0-r706899_5 as you see here:

I checked the source of the latest SMX bundle (1.0-r706899_5) and the fix of
that JIRA ticket you posted in *not* included either.

I'm not really sure if the SMX folks would provide a newer bundle including
that fix as apache-commons-csv is dead and not active anymore, more details

I also didn't find that fix being mentioned as committed inside the trunk

But maybe that fix of JIRA ticket has been committed somewhere else, don't

There're also other Camel data formats like BeanIO or Bindy you could make
use of for the CSV (de)marshalling:


mdo wrote
> Hello,
> I tried to parse some CSV files that have only carriage returns as line
> ending (like some legacy Mac apps produce) instead of \r\n or \n.
> Obviously this is not supported at the moment (but I applied a workaround
> for now by using a regexReplaceAll on the streamed CSV contents in the
> Camel route).
> There was an issue in Commons CSV that was fixed a while back:
> &lt;;
> While this was committed in revision 1065496 in Commons CSV Camel depends
> on an artifact org.apache.servicemix.bundles.commons-csv and I was not
> able to figure out if the change was merged.
> Camel depends on version 1.0-r706899_5 of the Servicemix bundle while the
> latest version of Commons CSV seems to be 706900_3.
> At
> &lt;;
> I've found a 1.0-r706900_3 but that dates back before the patch date
> obviously.
> Can anyone comment if this is an issue of the Servicemix bundle or the
> dependency version in Camel?
> Regards, mdo.

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