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From Franz Paul Forsthofer <>
Subject New Contribution: Component XML Digital Signature
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 07:40:31 GMT

I want to contribute a new component for XML Digital Signature. There
shall be two endpoints; the signer endpoint shall sign the body of the
in-message and create an XML digital signature in the out-message, the
verifier endpoint shall verify the XML signature contained in the body
of the in-message and return the signed content in the body of the

The implementation shall be based on the JRE API for XML Digital
Signature (
which fulfills the requirements of the XML signature specification

The first version shall support

·   RSA and DSA keys
·   enveloping signatures
·   X509Certificate element as children of the KeyInfo element
·   the canonicalization algorithms
            o" (needs
inclusive namespace prefix list, we should not support this algorithm
in the first implementation)
·   the transform algorithms
            o      <all cononicalization algorithms>

I have a few questions about the contribution:
·   Schall I add the new code to the maven project with
<groupId>org.apache.camel</groupId> and
·   There is already a crypto component for signing and verifying
non-XML messages
          o   Shall I add the new endpoints to this component, like
                  §  crypto:signxml://<name>?<parameters>
                  §  crypto:verfyxml://<name>?<parameters>
          o   or shall I create a new component “cryptoxml”?
·   Shall I add the classes to the package org.apache.camel.component.crypto ?

Regards Franz

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