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From shindito <>
Subject Change ErrorHandlerFactory of a route runtime
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 22:18:19 GMT

is Camel capable of the following:
I have a CamelContext with several routes defined and running. I have
specified an ErrorHandlerFactory in the CamelContext (e.g. a
DefautlErrorHandlerBuilder with maximumRedeliveries, redeliveryProcessor,
and redeliverDelay properties defined) so that all routes created from this
context inherit the ErrorHandlerFactory (DefaultErrorHandlerBuilder). 
Now, I want to update all running routes with a DeadLetterChannel error
handler (remove the default one!). How is this achievable?
I've tried the following:
1. Stop context -> context.setErrorHandlerBuilder(dlc) -> context.start()
2. Stop all routes -> for each route setErrorHandlerBuilder(dlc) -> start
all routes
3. Stop context -> stop all routes -> context.setErrorHandlerBuilder(dlc) ->
for each route setErrorHandlerBuilder(dlc) -> start routes and context

In all cases the old error handler is still active and gets activated if an
error occurs. I've debugged the routes (in case 2. and 4. for example) and
they are successfully updated with the dlc, however, the old handler is
still active and the dlc is not used at all in case of a failure.

Any ideas how to update the error handler runtime?

Thanks for your help and advices!!!

Best regards,

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