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From dunnlow <>
Subject Re: Using Dead letter channel with ActiveMQ?
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 16:30:22 GMT
Claus, I've tried to avoid this issue, but it is back upon me.  

Basically, I'm using camel 2.10.3 now, Spring 3.1.2 and activemq 5.7) I am
consuming from an activemq broker which I do not control, and which does not
allow use of a DLQ - it is clustered, robust, etc, etc.  I want to make sure
that my route is successful before it is permanently removed from the queue. 
Currently, I use the Spring JmsTransactionManager with an activemq
RedeliveryPolicy.   However, this requests the creation of a DLQ after the
maximum delivery tries (which make the broker owners surly because they see

I am looking for the best strategy to handle this.  I've considered putting
a camel redelivery policy on top with one less retry (so that it sent the
msg to a dead letter channel before the last Spring retry).  I also
considered pulling the message off the queue and stuffing it somewhere
locally - but this is adding another point of failure.

Any other thoughts about how to take over the the dead letter channel so
that the message stays on the queue until either the route succeeds OR the
max retries is reached (and then stored locally to a file)?

Thanks for any thoughts,

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