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From Angelo <>
Subject Re: camel-cxf in WebSphere without geronimo/jetty depdendencies - possible
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2013 00:29:15 GMT

That's what I though too about needing the cxf.xml import - but when I
remove it I get into problems.  Not sure what's going on with that since I'm
using 2.7.0 as you can see.  But yeah that's kind of what's annoying me
because it looks like that's what's forcing the dependencies on the other

By the way - WAS w/J9 64 1.6.0 jre

Anyway, it looks like I have it working now.  I didn't try this before
because I was following the instructions for WAS V7.  So I tried the WAS < instructions here and so far looks like it works.  I set the server
and module class loaders back to parent first, then followed the
instructions for creating the shared library and referencing it in a new
classloader for the server set to local first.  In that shared classloader I
put only xmlschema-core-2.0.3.jar.  Like I said - so far so good, and
hopefully that's the only thing I need to do, then maybe I'll go back to
trying to jettison all the unnecessary libraries and that cxf.xml import.

So according to you, the CXFServlet in the web.xml is enough to bootstrap
the cxf bus without that import - I'll do more investigating. 

Thanks for the input by the way - been stressing about this a lot the last
few days - it's a real deal breaker if we couldn't get it working.

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