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From klauss42 <>
Subject Concat routes
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 16:50:02 GMT
Hello Camel experts
I have multiple routes that perform some background processing, in detail
the routes just trigger some Spring-Batch jobs. I want to be able to start
each single route alone, therefore I am using the Servlet component to be
able to trigger the routes by URL.

Now I wanted to concatenate the routes in a new route. The routes should be
perfromed in sequential order. I tried multicast with
"parallelProcessing=false" and that works fine if the new route
"invoiceProcessingRoute" gets triggerred by the Servlet component. The
routes get started in proper sequence. Here is an excerpt of my Camel

		<route id="invoiceProcessingServlet">
			<from uri="servlet:///invoiceProcessing" />
			<to uri="vm:invoiceProcessing?timeout=0" />
				<constant>Invoice Processing job finished</constant>
		<route id="invoiceProcessingRoute">
			<from uri="vm:invoiceProcessing" />
			<camel:multicast parallelProcessing="false" stopOnException="false">
				<to uri="vm:invoiceMapping?timeout=0" />
				<to uri="vm:invoiceControl?timeout=0" />
				<to uri="vm:invoiceAccounting?timeout=0" />

But if I use the Quartz component to trigger the above route by a cron, the
individual routes get started in parallel, which is not the indented
behavior. Here is the scheduled route:

		<route id="invoiceProcessingScheduled"
			<to uri="vm:invoiceProcessing" />
The problem is the parallel execution. Do I misunderstand something? Is it a
bug? What is the recommended way to start routes sequentially? 

Remark: In these routes I do not use the content of any messages, I just use
Camel to start my Spring-batch jobs. 

Thanks for any help

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