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From lawkai <>
Subject Re: camel-quickfix RequestReplyExample
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 16:39:38 GMT
Hi Babak,

I have checked out your patch and it seems the exception is gone.

However, I have noticed one problem.

Please correct me if I am wrong. In the example, I think the original author
was trying to transform a http request (via Jetty) into the
OrderStatusRequest and routes it (via routingSlip) to
MarketOrderStatusService to get an ExecutionReport response. And finally,
transform it into Json format and sends it back via http.

However, with your patch, the Json response that I got is an
OrderStatusRequest instead of an ExecutionReport response.

This is output that I got from the log:

2012-12-14 00:15:49,684 [main           ] INFO  RequestReplyExample           
- Web request response:
"message": {
  "header": {
    "BeginString": "FIX.4.2",
    "BodyLength": 82,
    "MsgSeqNum": 2,
    "MsgType": [ "H", "OrderStatusRequest" ],
    "SenderCompID": "TRADER",
    "SendingTime": "20121213-16:15:16.107",
    "TargetCompID": "MARKET"

  "body": {
    "ClOrdID": "XYZ",
    "OrderID": "abc",
    "Side": [ "1", "BUY" ],
    "Symbol": "GOOG"

  "trailer": {
    "CheckSum": "144"


Is there something we need to change in the route as well? 
Appreciate your help.

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