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From gheidorn <>
Subject Re: Looking for right pattern combination with Multicast, Enrichment and Aggregation
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 19:12:54 GMT
The second pipeline had a comment in it that was filtered out by the html
rendering.  It should have read:

    // aggregate copy of Object A from multicast with result from enrich

gheidorn wrote
> I'm looking for the right pattern(s) to apply to the following scenario:
> 1.  I retrieve Object A from a Queue.
> 2.  I take a subset of the data from Object A (call it Object SubA) and
> send it to a SOAP Web Service which returns "scrubbed" values in the form
> of Object SubA.
> 3.  I take the data from SubA and map it back into original ObjectA,
> overwriting the values that were "scrubbed".
> 4.  I place the enriched Object A onto another Queue.
> The big problem I have is how do I maintain access to the original Object
> A after I've done the enrichment (the SOAP call).  I've done some poking
> and prodding and came up with the following route:
> <from uri="jms:orginQueue" />
> <multicast parallelProcessing="false">
> <pipeline>
> <process ref="convertObjectAtoSubsetOfObjectA" />
> <enrich uri="cxf:bean:mySOAPEndpoint" strategyRef="SOAPAggStrat" />
> </pipeline>
> <pipeline>

> </pipeline>
> </multicast>
> How do I do that aggregation?  I looked at the aggregator and it wasn't
> intuitive to me from an initial look.  Bigger question is am I using the
> right patterns / components here to do what I want to do?

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