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From <>
Subject RE: Forcefully shutting down routes...
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 00:52:25 GMT
Hmm from what I understand you should not block on the EJB for so long. You may ignore the
future or check later on these futures, I guess.

"On the other hand the asynchronous version is where the caller sends a message to an Endpoint
and then returns immediately back to the caller. The message however is processed in another
thread, the asynchronous thread. Then the caller can continue doing other work and at the
same time the asynchronous thread is processing the message"

. The client sends an Async Request Reply message over HTTP to Camel. The control is immediately
returned to the client application, that can continue and do other work while Camel routes
the message.
2. Camel invokes an external TCP service using synchronous Request Reply. The client application
can do other work simultaneously.
3. The client wants to get the reply so it uses the Future handle it got as response from
step 1. With this handle it retrieves the reply, wait if nessasary if the reply is not ready.

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From: vishal1981 []
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 6:01 AM
Subject: Re: Forcefully shutting down routes...

Thanks for all your replies so far.
Allow me to explain you my use case a little more in detail...
As part of my route I am using the EJB endpoint. All that the EJB does is
that it calls a stored procedure. The stored procedure takes a long time to
execute (in the order of two to three hours). My routes are created and
destroyed via a UI. Most of the time the routes will remain un-change once
defined by the user. However there could be cases where the user wants to
change the route. In this case I currently stop the route, remove the route
and then re-create a route based on his new definition.

Now, because of the long stored proc and for the fact that EJB component is
not shutdownaware I keep seeing those messages - "Waiting as there are still
1 inflight and pending exchanges to complete, timeout in -49 seconds." till
the whole stored proc finishes.

In such cases I want to just stop the stored proc and the endpoint. My
database transactions will ensure my data integrity is not compromised.

Whats more confusing is that the EJB component gets called as pat of a Time
thread shared by other routes. I dont want to interrupt the time thread
since other routes will stop as well.

Sorry for being verbose.
But any help would be appreciated.

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