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From Filippo Balicchia <>
Subject Re: Mail reading goes in loop
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 04:52:31 GMT
Hi Ketan,

Mail reading doesn't go in  loop  but read mail every 100 millisecond.

Please increases the consumer.delay to 60000 and tell me if problem continue.



2012/10/5 Ketan Barapatre <>:
> Hello All,
> I am reading mail using Mail Component
> I have created following Route
> from("imaps://" + user.getUserName() + "&password="
> + user.getPassword()
>                 +
> "&unseen=false&fetchSize=10&consumer.delay=100").filter(messageFilter).process(mailProcessor);
> Now, I am expecting to get all read and unread mails from INBOX
> folder. When I run my app I am able to get all read and unread mail from
> INBOX but
> Mail reading starts from very first mail(from INBOX) and when last
> mail(latest mail from INBOX) is fetch it again starts reading mail from
> first mail(from INBOX) but I am expecting it should stop after reading last
> mail (which is latest mail) from INBOX. So I found that Polling to INBOX
> start again it goes in loop.
> Please suggest me How can I stop looping when mail reading is done.
> Or is there any way I can poll my mail box to get mail only from specified
> start date upto specified end date or
> Please correct me if i'm not clear with question or suggest me How can do
> this.
> Thank You
> Ketan

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