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From Scott England-Sullivan <>
Subject Camel SJMS Testers Needed
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 22:35:49 GMT
Hello Camel Users:

As part of the 2.11.0 release of Camel there will be a new JMS
Component, Camel SJMS.  SJMS contains a completely new JMS client API
created for use with the Camel architecture.

Beyond the JMS basics, SJMS features new capabilities. They include:

* Internal Session, Consumer/Producer Pooling & Caching Management
* Plugable Connection Resource Management (Allows injection of
Container Managed Connections)
* Batch Consumers and Producers
* Transacted Batch Consumers & Producers
* Support for Customizable Transaction Commit Strategies (Local JMS
Transactions only)

With all the new goodies though there are off course going to be
issues.  I believe it is at a point though where it is ready for a
larger audience to begin testing what has been developed.

So if you are currently looking for a Camel JMS alternative or just
like to hack, I would appreciate any feedback that you are able to

Details can be found here if you are interested and have the time:

Thanks so much in advance for your time and help.

Best Regards,
Scott ES

Scott England-Sullivan
Apache Camel Committer
Principal Consultant / Sr. Architect | Red Hat, Inc.
FuseSource is now part of Red Hat
Web: |
Twitter: sully6768

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