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From Gonzalo Vasquez <>
Subject Missing data when using split / tokenizer
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 20:38:42 GMT
Hi folks, I'm quite new to this marvelous framework, but I've been able to articulate some
nice "puzzles" with it, but right now I'm having an issue with the Splitter, as described
as follows:

I'm processing a PLAIN TEXT data file as input (attached file #2), with several XSL templates
(bean:xxxx in the camel route, within the splitter). But after several hours of implementing
the next steps, I've found out that every first data row is wiped out from the splitter input.
I mean rows such as 

C Z                                        000001   00-00-NA                         36417078880048
                      PAG.  1

Does the splitter actually remove those? If so, how can I avoid it? If supplied info is not
enough, what should I provide?

Attached files:

1.- applicationContext.xml: spring app context configuration
2.- SPHAERA NORMAL.txt: input data file
3.- dinersSphera.xsl: xsl template used by the first splitter step => <camel:to uri="bean:toXml"


Gonzalo Vásquez Sáez
Gerente Investigación y Desarrollo (R&D)
Altiuz Soluciones Tecnológicas de Negocios Ltda.
Av. Nueva Tajamar 555 Of. 802, Las Condes
(56-2) 335 2461

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