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From Benjamin Graf <>
Subject Re: Interceptable Producer
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 06:28:27 GMT
Hi Raúl,

I tried to set explizit interception as mentioned, but it doesn't work either.
If I read code right then interception is defined as a chain of processors when
route is initialized. I actually have not found any line of code in camel-core
where dynamic initialized ProducerTemplates are connected in that chains, maybe
not yet! :-)

I already sent an example as requested by Christian. You might have a look on it
to reproduce. It's build as spring osgi bundle so you have to use camel-springs
Main.class for standalone use.

Thx so far. ;-)


On 04.10.2012 22:14, Raul Kripalani wrote:
> Interceptors live inside the Camel Context, and if the ProducerTemplate is
> bound to the same context and the interception pattern matches, it will
> also kick in for exchanges sent from the PT.
> Maybe you can set a condition using .when() so that only Exchanges *not
> carrying a specific header* (e.g. 'FromProducerTemplate') are ultimately
> intercepted.
> Then you set this header on all Exchanges sent via the ProducerTemplate and
> you're interceptor should ignore them.
> Check out the second code example in the InterceptSendToEndpoint doc
> section [1]. It shows how to use .when().
> [1]
> Hope that helps,
> *Raúl Kripalani*
> Apache Camel Committer
> Enterprise Architect, Program Manager, Open Source Integration specialist
> |
> | twitter: @raulvk <>
> On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 8:07 PM, Benjamin Graf <> wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I actually have a problem with a route using a producertemplate as a
>> splitter to
>> send several exchanges. Unfortunately the ProducerTemplate seems to to be
>> interceptable by my written Interceptor. Does anybody know how I might
>> workaround this?
>> Thx
>> Benjamin

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