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From "Chris Pro" <>
Subject SOAP WebService call
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:46:24 GMT

I'm new to Camel. I read many articles about Camel included
"". But I don't get the hang of it, how to
call a Soap-WebService .

I just want to call a Soap WebService, when a file is moved from directory
"inbox" to "outbox".

The file movement is working with that route-definiton:

    .setBody().simple("File moved: ${file:name}")
    .log(">> Response : ${body}

So after the file was moved, a external Soap WebService should be called.
I've got a wsdl for the WebService. Therefore I create a JAX-WS WebService
Client with "wsimport":

wsimport -s . -clientjar externalWebSerivce.jar

So I've got a the gerated WebService client. But now I'm lost. How can I
call a WebService-Methode with camel after a file was moved from "inbox" to

If possible, I don't won't to use the "CXF Stack". How does it work with the
"SoapJaxbDataFormat"? Or if it's not possible with "SoapJaxbDataFormat", how
does it work with "CXF"?

Would be great, if someone could help me.

Thanks a lot

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