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From rjh-sgc <>
Subject SQLComponent batch=true issues?
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2012 04:03:47 GMT
.to("sql:select id,ssn from user?dataSourceRef=dataSource")
.to("sql:insert into dest (id, ssn) values (# ,

I trying to pull all records from the user table and put it into the dest
table.  There are 2 rows in the user table.  

When i run this code, I get the exception:  
java.sql.SQLException: Number of parameters mismatch. Expected: 2, was:1

it looks like the data is correct though
ERROR Error processing exchange. Exchange[Message: [{id=1, ssn=123456789},
{id=2, ssn=987654321}]]

My best guess is that Camel is treating the body as a single object.  But
this is happening whether batch=true is being set or not.  Since the return
object from the is a List of Map objects, shouldnt batch=true know to
iterate over the list and insert each map of column name/value pairs?

 This is what I gather from the documentation here 

"The SQL component tries to convert the message body to an object of
java.util.Iterator type and then uses this iterator to fill the query
parameters (where each query parameter is represented by a # symbol (or
configured placeholder) in the endpoint URI). If the message body is not an
array or collection, the conversion results in an iterator that iterates
over only one object, which is the body itself.
For example, if the message body is an instance of java.util.List, the first
item in the list is substituted into the first occurrence of # in the SQL
query, the second item in the list is substituted into the second occurrence
of #, and so on.
If batch is set to true, then the interpretation of the inbound message body
changes slightly – instead of an iterator of parameters, the component
expects an iterator that contains the parameter iterators; the size of the
outer iterator determines the batch size."

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