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From Ralf Steppacher <>
Subject Re: File and async/<camel:threads> woes
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 13:54:23 GMT
Hello Claus,

If I want 5 files to be processed in parallel line by line, every line
taken care of asynchronously, don't I need the
<threads ...><camel:split ...></camel:split></threads> construct?
If threads and split refer to the same thread pool, then of course I
would not have to worry about finding the sweet spot in terms of number
of threads in the two pools; to keep all threads in split-pool as busy
as possible and have no thread in the threads-pool waiting. I prefer to
keep them apart because that way I have more control about the number
and order (small files first) in which they are processed.

Using one thread pool would not solve my problem of the rejectedPolicy
not being honored, would it? This really kills me. I am processing files
ranging from 1kb to 200mb, sorted by their size. If the caller thread
ends up with the 200mb file, all other processing stalls until the big
file has been processed. I need to prevent processing of small files
being blocked by large files.

Is the file consumer supposed to preMove all files from the input
directory to the inprogress directory (2.10.0 behavior) or just the ones
it is actually going to process, i.e. number of threads (2.9.2

With rejectedPolicy="Abort":
If the 2.10.0 preMove behavior is the expected behavior, is it expected
that all files that could not be processed on the first poll of the file
endpoint (file number > number of threads) stay in the inprogress
directory for ever, never being processed (2.10.0 behavior) or should
they be picked up as soon as a thread becomes free (2.9.2 behavior with
respective preMove behavior) and the file endpoint polls again?


-----Original Message-----
From: Claus Ibsen <>
Subject: Re: File and async/<camel:threads> woes
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 11:30:29 +0200


Why do it so complicated with 2 thread pools. The splitter can just
refer to a custom thread pool profile / thread pool which you can
customize as you want.

Also the fine consumer with preMove will move the file asap, it starts routing.

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 5:24 PM, Ralf Steppacher
<> wrote:
> Hallo all,
> I have several issues defining an async route in Spring XML.
> Can someone shed some light on what the expected behavior is and what
> would be a bug and/or a misunderstanding on my side?
> The stripped down route:
> <endpoint id="fileBufferFrom"
> uri="file://${my.dir}/?delete=true&amp;idempotent=true&amp;preMove=inprogress"
> <camel:route id="processFromFileBuffer">
>   <camel:from ref="fileBufferFrom" />
>   <camel:threads poolSize="5" maxPoolSize="5" maxQueueSize="1"
> threadName="file consumer" rejectedPolicy="Abort">
>     <camel:convertBodyTo type="" />
>     <camel:split streaming="true" parallelProcessing="true">
>         <camel:tokenize token="\r\n" />
>         <camel:to ref="mq.csv" />
>     </camel:split>
>   </camel:threads>
> </camel:route>
> Camel 2.9.2
> If maxQueueSize > 0 then maxPoolSize + maxQueueSize files are moved from
> the in-folder to the inprogress-folder. If there are more files they are
> moved to the inprogress-folder as soon as the caller thread is free to
> move them and worker threads are available.
> Setting rejectedPolicy="Abort" or callerRunsWhenRejected="false" seems
> to get ignored and the reject policy "CallerRuns" is applied. The source
> is a file endpoint, so I assume the thread with the scanned directory as
> its name is the caller thread? I can see that thread come to live in
> VisualVM.
> If maxQueueSize = 0 then all files present in the input directory are
> always moved to the inprogress-folder AND the rejectedPolicy="Abort" is
> honored! There are always maxPoolSize files processed in parallel.
> Camel 2.10.0
> Independent of the value of maxQueueSize, if rejectPolicy="Abort" then
> the policy is honored, sort of. All files present in the input directory
> are always moved to the inprogress-folder. Only maxPoolSiz +
> maxQueueSize files are being processed. All others stay untouched in the
> "inprogress" folder!
> Using <camel:threadPool> and referencing that in <camel:threads> does
> not change the above behavior for 2.9.2 or 2.10.0.
> The behavior I expected was that with rejectPolicy="Abort" always
> maxPoolSize + maxQueueSize are moved from the in-folder to the
> inprogress-folder and processed from there. As processing of one file
> completes it gets deleted and a file from the in-folder is moved to the
> inprogress-folder on the next poll of the in-folder.
> Thanks!
> Ralf

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