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From Sean K <>
Subject Testing harness to verify Message Order Preservation
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 22:24:33 GMT

I am looking into how to build a configuration and verify a test that
preserves JMS message order, as describe in the camel features below:

The basic requirements for message order preservation seems to be:

1.) Single queue
2.) The use of the exclusive consumer specified by the consumer's
destination options,
3.) Or use a Message group instead of #2.

Assuming that I have the consumer or message group configured across 2
vms (in the case of single exclusive consumer), any suggestions on how
I would set up a producer and  put messages into the queue, and then
artificially force the messages to arrive on the consumer's broker
side in a different order, but then the messages would block until the
sequence would appear in the correct order?

Producer1 would create three message: msgA, msgB, msgC (in that order)
into the single queue, on broker1

Consumer1 on its own broker would get messages in this sequence: msgA,
msgB, msgC from broker 2

But along the way, if I were to monitor the transport of messages from
broker 1 to broker 2, in an ideal situation, the messages would be
transported in the correct sequence.   But how do I artificially force
the messages to be transported in a different sequence, and then see
broker 2 re-sequence the messages in the correct order.?   I would
like the simulation to be close to reality as possible (due to network
traffic congestion or connection latency)

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