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From javakurious <>
Subject aggregator aggregation completion
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 03:51:54 GMT
I am looking for some tips to correctly use Aggregator component. 

The scenario is that I am getting a request in xml format, and I process
that request and get a response in XML format as well. But the request and
response are two completely different format. My goal is to create a new XML
document that combines the original request and the corresponding response,
set it as a body of the Aggregated Exchange and send the exchange to a bean
to write to database.

         <route id= "processing">
            <from uri="direct:orderRequestQueue"/>            
            <wireTap uri="seda:auditRequestQueue"/> 
            <process ref="requestProcessor"/> 
            <wireTap uri="seda:auditRequestQueue"/>     
        <route id="auditing">
            <from uri="seda:auditRequestQueue"/>            
            <aggregate strategyRef="combineXSLTAggregateStrategy"
                <bean ref="db-processor" method="writeToDatabase"/>

Above, I am trying to send the request and the response to
'seda:auditRequestQueue'. The strategy ref is supposed to run a
transformation to create a new xml document. I am using header.breadcrumbId
as the correlation expression. I have set the completionSize to '2', so once
both request and response is set to auditRequestQueue, the strategyRef is
going to be executed. 

But, for some reason the strategyRef is never executed, the route keeps
waiting for 2 related messages to arrive. 

What am I doing wrong ??? How can I debug it ?

Thanks for any help !

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